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Play The Pitch Official Rules

Play the Pitch 

Watch. Play. Win!



For the first time at RugbyTown 7s, fans will be able to ‘Play the Pitch’ — a unique, fun way to have skin in the game as a RugbyTown 7s fan and win sweet prizes!


“Play the Pitch” will comprise of mini-games that gives a little extra fun to 7s matches.



Power Four Rules:


This year in 2023, fans will pick 4 teams to be their Power Four, which constitutes one team from every pool. As each team earns points, your Power Four bag total increases with those points. 


You win by collecting as many points as you can. 



If a team in your Power Four scores a try for +5 points, your Power Four bag increases by 5 points. If a team in your Power Four scores +2 conversion points, your bag increases by 2 points. Etc. 


Winners will be determined by a randomized drawing based on the total collected points in your Power Four bag. 



How To Participate


Simply by downloading the RugbyTown USA App and submitting your information, you are automatically placed into the game and drawings. 


Players must ‘opt-in’ where ‘opting-in’ is submitting your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Zip Code. Your information will be kept secure. 


Players will be able to choose their Power Four teams in the RugbyTown USA app. 





Only fans and audience members (ticket holders) are eligible to play. Teams and their members and tournament staff will not be eligible to win prizes. 


You must be physically present to win prizes, therefore only ticket purchasers or holders are eligible to win.



How to Win 


The game is based on a “collect the points” concept. The more points you collect, the higher the chances of winning our drawings throughout the tournament and grand prize drawing on the 3rd day of RugbyTown 7s. 


The total amount of points collected before the established deadline places you in a tier of chances. 


The deadline of collecting your points is based on the countdown within the app and as announced throughout the tournament. 



Winning 350 total points could place you in the 8X category that increases your chances of winning the drawing by 8X. 


Play the Pitch participants must be PHYSICALLY PRESENT to receive their prizes at Infinity Park during the 7s tournament. If you are not physically present at the time of the drawing of your name within the allotted time frame, you will not be eligible for your prize. 





Drawings will be made throughout the tournament with basic prizes. If you like winning cool free stuff, make sure to be there physically at the tournament! 


The final drawings for the Grand Prizes will be had before the final cup matches on Sunday. Again, make sure you are physically there. The time of the Grand Prize Drawings will be indicated during the tournament and in the RugbyTown USA app. 


Drawings are completely randomized through our app based on points earned per user and their respective points multipliers.


Players and teams in the tournament will NOT be eligible to play and win prizes during the drawings. If you are a player in the tournament and your name is drawn, your drawing will be forfeited and drawn again until and eligible player wins. 



Tips, Tricks, and Caveats 


The sooner you sign up for Play the Pitch, the sooner you can start earning points! Points can be earned if you have signed up and as soon as the first match of RugbyTown 7s takes place. 


If you decide to change your Power Four, you will lose all the points you have earned previously and start over. 


Choose your Power Four wisely. The best way to win is to be within the “Sweet Spot”. The Sweet Spot is a hard-to-get total of points that requires a little strategizing. It’s not just about the ultimate maximum amount of points. HINT: poke around and find out how teams did last year. You might be able to make a strategic guess.




Grand Prizes are based on "gift bags". Each gift bag will have its independent drawing during the "Grand Prize Drawings."


- Super Target Shopping Spree ($1,000), RTUSA Merch (Poster + Vol 11 + Poster)


- Southwest Gift Card ($500), Sunglasses & Beach Towel x2


- Xbox Series S ($299), Gaming Snacks / Food Gift Cards


- 2024 Season VIP Raptors Tix x2 ($300)
 Raptors Merch

Privacy Information

View our privacy information here:



Other Legal Information 


For all legal information contact the RUGBYTOWN Staff at 303.692.5799.

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